Securing Access to the European Single Market

Special Feature


Post a UK actual EU exit, Ireland will be the only Member State whose primary language is English.

Additionally, companies that incorporate in Ireland and satisfy the relevant legal requirements for the sector in which they operate, will be entitled to passport into all other EU member states whether on a cross border/freedom to provide services basis or by the establishment of a branch in an other member state.

Passporting for example in the case of a Bank would mean the right to carry on financial services activities in another EEA state either by providing cross border services or setting up a branch and providing them from that branch in the other EEA state.

Establishing a Base in Ireland

The allure of Ireland as a place for investment include our longstanding, stable EU membership, a low corporation tax of 12.5%, a very well educated workforce, a common law system based on the English model, superb air and sea links to Britain, a land border with Northern Ireland and, last but not least, Ireland is the only remaining country in the Eurozone with English as its primary language.

Corporation Tax in Ireland

Great uncertainty remains on the future relationship between the UK and the EU, and also on the UK rate of corporation tax (will it continue to come down or not) making it more difficult for EEA or non EEA business to decide whether to invest or not. Indeed, our corporate tax infrastructure is one of the core fiscal incentives attracting businesses to establish operations in Ireland.